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My child has not yet reached their 3rd birthday, but I am interested in discussing the steps that could be taken when they turn 3

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At least one parent or guardian must be a current resident of Hudson, NH for a child to be screened.

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  • Describe your concerns in each of the sections below. Please type "None" if you do not have concerns in a certain area.


  • Speech and Language:

 Please describe any articulation concerns. Are there specific words or sounds that your child has trouble with?

  • Speech and Language:

Please describe any language concerns. Does your child have trouble understanding words when spoken to or trouble putting words together to form sentences?

  • Academic/Learning: 

  • Social/Behavioral:

  • Motor:

Please describe any fine motor concerns. Does your child have difficulties using hands and fingers to complete tasks such as coloring and picking up objects?

  • Motor:

Please describe any gross motor concerns. Does your child have difficulties using arms and legs to do whole body activities such as walking, jumping, and crawling?


  • Please describe any other concerns you have about your child:

  • Please share any other information you feel we should know about your child:








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